Previous Lectureships

Information about previous Terry lectureships, including links to select video of past lectures, can be found by clicking on the headings below. Use the search fields to find lectureships by the name of the lecturer or the year.

1954-55 | Pieter Geyl

Use and Abuse of History (published in 1955)
Not in Print

1953-54 | Gordon Willard Allport

Becoming: Basic Considerations for a Psychology of Personality (published in 1955)
Available at Yale University Press

1951-52 | Jerome Clarke Hunsaker

Aeronautics at the Mid-Century (published in 1952)
Not in Print

1950-51 | Paul Johannes Tillich

The Courage to Be (published in 1952)
Available at Yale University Press

1949-50 | Erich Fromm

Psychoanalysis and Religion (published in 1950)
Available at Yale University Press

1948-49 | George Gaylord Simpson

The Meaning of Evolution (published in 1949)
Available at Yale University Press

1947-48 | Alexander Stewart Ferguson

1946-47 | Charles Hartshorne

The Divine Relativity: A Social Conception of God (published in 1948)
Not in Print

1946-47 | Henri Frankfort

1945-46 | James Bryant Conant

On Understanding Science (published in 1947)
Not in Print

1944-45 | Julius Seelye Bixler

Conversations with an Unrepentant Liberal (published in 1946)
Not in Print

1943-44 | George Washington Corner

Ourselves Unborn: An Embryologist’s Essay on Man (published in 1944)
Not in Print

1942-43 | Jacques Maritain

Education at the Crossroads (published in 1943)
Available at Yale University Press

1942-43 | Alexander Dunlop Lindsay

Religion, Science, and Society in the Modern World (published in 1943)
Not in Print

1941-42 | Reinhold Niebuhr